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Leaping headfirst into the greatest story ever told (From Herald Scotland) - BOOK REVIEW: ​SAINT JOHNNY by Owen Dudley Edwards

Leaping headfirst into the greatest story ever told (From Herald Scotland)SAINT JOHNNY Owen Dudley Edwards (Grace Note, £12) HERALDSCOTLAND - Review by ALASTAIR MABBOTTFor so long has Owen Dudley Edwards been a noted commentator on literary and historical matters that it comes as something of a surprise to discover that he is only now bringing [...]

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BOOK REVIEW: At Hame Wi’ Freedom : Essays on Hamish Henderson and the Scottish Folk Revival by Mike Kamp

EBERHARDT BORT [Hrsg.]:At Hame Wi’ Freedom : Essays on Hamish Henderson and the Scottish Folk Revival. – / Ed. by Eberhard Bort. – Ochtertyre : Grace Note Publications, 2012. – 219 S. : min s/w-FotosISBN 078-1-907676-17-8 – 12,99 schott. Pfd.So richtig hat sich das politische und kulturelle Schottland nie mit diesem unbequemen, streitbaren Folkloristik und Poeten anfreunden können. Die Folkszene liebte ihn zumeist umso mehr, [...]

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BOOK REVIEW: Anent Hamish Henderson by David Hamilton

Anent Hamish Henderson: essays, poems, interviews, Eberhart Bort (ed.), Grace-note Publications,97819083739916, £15As I remember him from the 1960s, Hamish Henderson (1919-2002) was an international scholar of French, German and Italian literature, a prize-winning poet, a go-to archive of Scots songs and, not least, a tall but shambling figure around the howfs, ceilidhs and watering holes [...]

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BOOK REVIEW: Anent Hamish Henderson: Essays, Poems, Interviews by ANDREW HOOK

‘Anent Hamish Henderson: Essays, Poems, Interviews’, edited by Eberhard Bort (Grace Note Publications)Eberhard Bort, of Edinburgh University’s School of Scottish Studies, has already edited three collections relating to the life and work of Hamish Henderson: 'Borne on the Carrying Stream: The Legacy of Hamish Henderson’ (2010), 'Tis Sixty Years Since: The 1951 Edinburgh People’s Festival [...]

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Podcast from Crete on Anent Hamish Henderson

"A brilliant book .... fascinating."Lesley Riddoch (Podcast, 28 June 2015)

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Book: 'Fugitives' by Donald Campbell - Review by Bill Dunlop

Book: Book: 'Fugitives' by Donald Campbell - Review by Bill Dunlop - Posted on 18 June 2015 EdinburghGuide.comDonald Campbell’s latest collection of verse, ‘Fugitives’, is a necessarily eclectic one, containing several new poems as well as others that have appeared elsewhere.Inevitably, the bag is mixed in both tone and subject matter. Some older poems, such as those under the heading [...]

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Book: Arthur à Genève - Meet the Author: Caroline Ferrero Menut

Aventures en villeAvec «Arthur à Genève», l’avocate Caroline Ferrero Menut offre aux enfants un guide à la fois ludique et didactique. Qui ravit aussi bien ces derniers que les adultes.Qui a dit qu’une balade en ville est ennuyeuse? A coups de petits coins secrets et d’anecdotes rigolotes, Caroline Ferrero Menut dévoile aux enfants les plaisirs [...]

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Launch of WikkedWillisSaga - Uirsgeul Uilleim Dhona at Canna House Archive

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Seònaid Ghriogair: Ri Luinneig mun Chrò: Crodh ann am Beatha agus Dualchas nan Gàidheal. Review by Roddy MacLean

Tha leabhar ùr Gàidhlig air mo bheulaibh an-dràsta, agus tha e làn neamhnaidean prìseil. Bha Seònaid Ghriogair uaireigin a’ teagasg tro mheadhan na Gàidhlig aig Bun-sgoil a’ Mheadhain an seo ann an Inbhir Nis, ach tha i air a bhith ann an Dùn Èideann fad grunn bhliadhnaichean. Am measg teagasg, togail teaghlaich agus iomadach rud [...]

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Ian RANKIN: Taghadh de Sgeulachdan Inspeactair Rebus - Review by Roddy Maclean

 chionn ghoirid leugh mi leabhar ùr Gàidhlig a bha gu math tlachdmhor. Chan e sgrìobhadh tùsail Gàidhlig a th’ ann, ach eadar-theangachadh de sgeulachdan goirid aig Ian Rankin à Dùn Èideann. Agus, feumaidh mi a ràdh, tha Inspeactair Rebus a cheart cho inntinneach ann an Gàidhlig ’s a tha e ann am Beurla. ’S beag [...]

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