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Campbell Slimon

campbell.jpgCAMPBELL SLIMON is the great grand nephew of Robert and Robina Slimon. He is a retired third generation sheep farmer. His son, Archie, now manages the farm. Their hill farm is situated in the middle of the Scottish Highlands and so he appreciates the hardships endured by Icelanders and their way of life.

Other than a scroll and flag presented to Robert by the Icelandic Legislature he was unaware of the eventful and important part that his ancestor had played in Iceland’s development. It was only when the eldest of his three daughters, Jean, started research that the story came to light, 

He has also written Stells, Stools, Strupag: A personal reminiscence of sheep, shepherding, farming and the social activities of a Highland Parish. Published by Laggan Heritage, 2007.

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