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Donald Campbell

cover-dc-refugees.jpg POET: DONALD CAMPBELL

Born in Caithness in 1940, Donald Campbell grew up in Edinburgh where he still lives. A full-time writer since 1974, he is active as playwright, theatre historian, stage director, script writer and poet. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Association of Scottish Literary Studies and a Life Member of the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain. 

Among more than a score of stage-plays, the most successful have been The Jesuit (1976), The Widows of Clyth (1979), Blackfriars Wynd (1980), Till All the Seas Run Dry (1981), Howard’s Revenge (1985), VictorianValues (1986), The Fisher Boy and the Honest Lass (1990), The Ould Fella (1993), Nancy Sleekit (1994) and Glorious Hearts (1999). 

As a poet, Campbell has published a substantial body of work, six full collections being represented in his Selected Poems: 1970-1990 (Galliard, 1990). Other work includes six television plays, some fifty radio programmes, three short films and two volumes of theatre history; A Brighter Sunshine (polygon, 1983) and Playing for Scotland (Mercat Press, 1996) together with his cultural history of Edinburgh, published in the Cities of the Imagination series from Signal Books of Oxford (2001).

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