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View from Zollernblick: Regional Perspectives in Europe - A Festschrift for Christopher Harvie EDITED BY EBERHARD (Paddy) BORT


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View from Zollernblick is the second collection of essays based on the European Regionalism symposia at Freudenstadt in Baden-Württ temberg, organised since 1991 by Christopher Harvie and Eberhard Bort. The first collection Networking Europe: Essays on Regionalismand Social Democracy was published by Liverpool University Press in 2000.

Again, an array of regional perspectives on constitutional politics, policy areas and cultural connections reflect the livelyand diverse conversations so characteristic for these unique annual meetings of minds in the Black Forest, with contributions by academics, journalists academics, journalists, writers and Politicians from Scotland, Wales, England, Ireland, Germany and other European regions.


This book is also a Festschrift for Chris Harvie who, as a Scottish historian, a Professor of British and Irish Studies at the University of Tübingen, and a Member of the Scottish Parliament, has been the spiritus rector – or Lord of Misrule – at the Zollernblick gatherings.



Eberhard ‘Paddy’ Bort is the a former student of Christopher Harvie’s, works at Academic Coordinator of the Institute of Governance at the University of Edinburgh. 




  1. List of illustrations, maps, graphs, tables 
  2. Acknowledgements 
  1. 1. Introduction

1. Eberhard Bort: View from Zollerblick 

2. ‘The ever-effervescing Christopher Harvie’

  1. Peter McCarey: War is the Continuation of Golf by Other Means
  2. Wolfgang Mössinger: ‘If you want to know how to get from Edinburgh to Peebles or to Melrose by public transport, don’t consult  the internet: ask Chris.’
  3. Alison Harvie: Bundesverdienstkreuz o’Clock
  4. David Walker: A Scottish Clerisy? 
  5. Tom Hubbard: The Material and the Moral: Chris Harvie on Culture 

3. Constitutional Futures: Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Baden-Württemberg

  1. Paul Gillespie: Momentous Decisions Ahead for both Scotland and the United Kingdom
  2. Klaus Stolz: Searching for the Democratic Intellect in the Scottish Parliament: MSPs and the Harvie Question
  3. Lesley Riddoch: Being Scottish? 
  4. Robin McAlpine: Common Weal and a State of Disorientation 
  5. James Mitchell: Scotland’s other Constitutional Debate
  6. Christopher Harvie: The Man in the Next Room and Confederal Salmond 
  7. Tom Gallagher: Autonomy, Community and the Kirk in Devolved Scotland 
  8. John Osmond: Accelerating History – The 1979, 1997 and 2011 Referendums in Wales 
  9. Ian S Wood: Northern Ireland and Scotland: Uncertain Directions 
  10. Thomas Leuerer: Regional Socialism – Socialist Regions: Labour Scotland, Britain, and the Hopelessness of the Bavarian Social Democrats 
  11. Eberhard Bort: Scotland’s Local Democracy Deficit 
  12. Peter Conradi and Helmut Doka: More Direct Democracy: Ja Bitte!

4. Regional Politics and Policies

  1. Henry Cowper: The Motley Crew that made the Open University
  2. Terry Brotherstone: Why Scotland Matters: The Governance of Scotland’s Universities
  3. Patricia Conlan: ‘A lot done, more to do’: The Impact of European Union Membership on Women in Ireland
  4. Paul Salveson: Next Stop for Community Rail? The Sustainable Branch Line
  5. Douglas MacLeod: Holding the Body Politic to Account?: A Beleagured Fourth Estate
  6. Noel Spare: Educating for a Green Europe
  7. Irene Quaile-Kersken: “O Caledonia! Stern and Wild – Meet Nurse…” For a Fledgling Green Energy Sector
  8. Frank Conlan: Reflections on Energy Self-Sustaining Islands in Ireland: with some Scottish and wider European inspirations 
  9. Stefan Büttner: Sustainable Energy for All 
  10. Sarah Boyack: Five Days in Malawi: 18 – 23 March 2013

5. Regional Cultures and Cultural Connections

  1. Richard Demarco: Scotland in Europe, Europe in Scotland 
  2. Owen Dudley Edwards: God and the Regions 
  3. Tessa Ransford: Lyrical Links: The Scottish Poetry Library and Europe
  4. Mario Relich: The Postman Rings Again – Alexander Trocchi’s Young Adam
  5. Allan Massie: The Way of the Hand-Loom Weaver
  6. Neal Ascherson: Memories of Amikejo: Europe’s Pasts and its Possible Future
  7. Keith Armstrong: Two Poems



Christopher Harvie: A Select Bibliography


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Cultural connections, constitutional politics
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